Goa Police Control Room Contact Details

Goa Police Control Room Contact Details: Goa is a very favorite destination for holidaying for the people of the country. It was a very important tourist destination of the country. Every time it witnesses a huge crowd, mainly from outside of India, coming to enjoy the wonderful sights in Goa. But on the other hand, it is also a state prone to many crimes and dangers, because of the very reasons mentioned earlier.

Goa Police Control Room Contact Details

That is why, Goa Police, a very strong force, is working hard to keep the State safe and ensure that Goa isn’t seen in the wrong or the bad sense. The Goa Police has to deal with numerous crimes and criminals for cases revolving around drugs, women abuse, senior citizen related issues, and also child abuse.

We as citizens, to have a duty. We are responsible towards the society, towards the people of the State of Goa, and also, towards the country being citizens of India. If you are not from India, you too have a responsibility towards the many people mentioned above. As stated earlier, Goa is frequented by most wanted criminals in the list of the Police Force.

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So in case, you see a crime being committed in front of you, do not ignore. In case, you are a victim of some sort of abuse or are accidentally forced to be involved in a very dangerous mission with a gun to your head, make sure, you report it to the Goa Police by any means possible. Goa Police is always on duty, always behind criminals on the run, and always is there for its public and the tourists.

For this very reason, we have the Goa Police Control Rooms in Goa, where responsible citizens can report in case of witnessing a crime or being a victim, and the police get it under control by doing their best. Reach out to the Goa Police Control room by the following details:-

To contact Goa Police Control Room:  Dial 100, or 223400, or 224488

Fax at: 224489

Extensions: 300-350


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